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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stefcia once more

Hi Everyone! :) And again I thought that being back to decorating is easy... but life goes it's own way and sometimes makes impossible to keep even the strongest resolutions. But there is a little progress at me... so I have already prepared a small table only for making deocration on it (not to take up the only one table at home again with paint and woods, what I must admit that it is the most inconvienience in my small flat).
I have a lot of ideas for different decorations and I would love to take them into the life, as I have a some materials collected to it as well.
By the time i show you all our small "girl" to see how grew up and in what form she is :)

All my break is thanks to this small girl called "Stefcia" who took all my attention and immersion to anything :)
More and more, I see she is well so slowly I look around and there are moments I do really miss my homeworks, so I am back in late evenings to cross stitches last days, but slowly I wanna start making decoupage too.
Thanks a lot for visitng the blog even when there are not so many decorative posts last times!
 Last times I do really admire ribbon stitch everywhere in the internet websites. It is a great way to do a very interesting and eye-catching decoration just from a flat picture. An example you can see lower:
Have a sunny day to all of you! :)
Agi Decor

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter time!

I wanna wish You Happy Easter!
I hope all of you have a nice and calm family time while sitting at beautifull laid Easter tables. I hope everyone of you can let this Joy of Easter fill up your Heart today and Forever. Many wishes for a Happy Easter!
I would like to show a traditional Polish Easter cake called "baba/babka wielkanocna". This year I tried a new recipe and I think it will be served at us every year from now! For me it is always the queen of the Easter table and every year I try to do it a little bit other and interesting way in the same time.
"The Easter feeling does not end,
It signals a new beginning of nature spring
And brand new life of friendship.
Happy Easter to My Best Friends."
"The growing trees, the new flowers
And birds that sweetly sing
Whisper to me that it’s Easter
Here is wishing warmth for your soul
On Easter and always!
Happy Easter!"


 And how is your Easter time this year? Have you tried anything new?
I would like to mention just that this year there will be 5th birthday of my blog so I slowly think about what things to add to the candy which will be organised soon. You are all already invited! The winner will be chosen from my seen Followers and it will be at the same time the person who posts interesting comments at my blog. I am very happy that you have visited this place during 5 last years and you let me know it sometimes in your comments too. It is great to know that this what I write is read by Someone and when I can find a comment, it is a specially nice time then. :)
Thank you for your time and see you soon!
Greetings to all my visitors,
Ági  Decor

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter eggs 2013

As you all know, there is Easter time in two weeks coming, it's closer and closer with every day... and this short distance left, definitely motivates me to decorate some Easter eggs for family and friends. And today I would like to show you representatives of the first group of them.
For around 3 years I have very much wanted to do sth unique and delicate in the same time. These decorated eggs remind me the most richelieu embroidery which is known by me from childhood, when my mum was preparing very beautiful doilies in this technique. I had also a very great occasion to watch my friends' handoworks in this style Easter eggs, plates etc. and I decided to try this year too. Have a nice time while watching pictures of my version of richelieu Easter eggs. 


To prepare such delicate Easter eggs you need to have a white blown goose egg, a small milling machine and a set of small diamond drillers, a bleach, a safety mask and a safety glasses, a white primer and an acrylic paint and a white, thick, acrylic countour and... lots of patience. But it is really worth to try!

And here is a little sample of this what I work on nowadays besides Easter eggs of course. There is no place left on tables at home because of lots of Easter eggs decorating so I had to organise my working place with a chest of drawers on the floor this time. ;)

I hope you have enjoyed watching my pictures today!
I would love to get to know whether you like today's post or not,
what you can write in comments below.
Thank you for your time and I hope to come here soon
with some new handwork posts. :)
Greetings to all my visitors,
Ági Decor

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back to cross stitch embroidery

I hardly remember when I have been embroidering anything on canvas. I must say I have really missed it, that's why last time I have decided to make true one of my cross stitch dreams to our home. I bought all needed colours of moulines, canvas and I have started this quite big project. I need to embroider 50 000 cross stitches. The expected size is 200stitches/250stitches what with chosen type of canvas will give 37cm/46cm picture. The way to finish is far, I know, especially that I'm going to do it just in winter evenings and unfortunatelly I'm afraid it won't be finished this winter and even in the next one as well. I am very curious if any of you read the blog carefully enough and can tell me what is the title and author of the picture I have started making??

 And here are some pictures to see my beginnings:

As you can see it is just a little of all. The pattern has 16 A4 pages, and now we could say that just one is finished.

Thanks for visitng the blog! 
Do you have idea about the title of my new project or what can it be?

Agi Decor

Stefcia's happy story

Time went so so fast from my last visit here. It doesn't mean I haven't been here, just there has been no handworks to show. I think it was needed break in my life and creating just to experience sth totally else. There is a small alive "reason" as the explanation of my not being here for a while.
One day in the very late afternoon in May this year, on the way home my husband brought a small nestling with leg's fracture with displacement. The chick was totally not ready to leave a nest and utterly exhausted. Probably was accidentally fallen out from very high. The feather just started to grow and it was not enough long to fly. We decided fast to take it to the vet, the bird has been so small that easily took a place in a plastic cup from a small joghurt.

This picture is taken on 5th day at home, so feather is bigger than was.
At the very beginning I was terrified and had no idea how to help so extramely delicate creature. I used to care only about cats and doggies till that time. But I didn't give up - I couldn not try to help. I opened Internet and looked for some ornithologists and people interested in ornithology, having birds and knowledge how to care about them. I was making notes about every informaiton I found.We had hudge luck, they all kindly helped and answered to my every question and solved our every problem and doubts. I strongly believe that thanks to it Stefcia lives. We are very grateful to them all for every minute spent with us, they helped to us with very wise advices. The bird after 6 days of care:

For luck the vet has been able to help to our small friend and after 3 visits and 1 mouth of care, the broken leg is in one piece. Unfortunatelly it cannot almost move it, but has it and can use as the support. This little invalid goldfinch is our home friend from that time. It is great! I would never think that a bird can become so friendly with people as cats or dogs which usually live with people at home. So our little bird is a goldfinch girl who sings the nicest while listening to running water from the tap. Then sings the most beautiful while sitting on sb's arm.

She is also becoming friendly with our Franek cat:

At the very beginning she has been getting special vitmins, cottage chesse mixture self done for birds only. And when finally could start eating beans, has been getting mixture of goldfinch favourites. Everyday gets beans, fresh water and some fruit or vegetable such as green salad, carrot, tomatoe, red paprika, fresh cucumber, apple, pear, peach, nectarine, watermelon etc. And finally has got a house:

I found in the Internet how to recognize goldfinch male and female, but sth I didn't do well enough cos from expected boy, we have a cute girl!

She has found her favourite place up at home to observations:

Loves singing:

She is very friendly and never sleeps when I am working. Comes and wants to be close to the human most of her time. When I switch down a lamp in the room at the evening, she knows that should go to sleep to her home, and flies there alone, I just go to close the cage. She is lovely all the way, and we don't imagine our life without her!

Even now she is sitting at the monitor side and writes this post:

I hope you enjoyed reading Stefcia's happy story and can forgive to us this little break, 
I hope also to be here more often again with decorations self done.

Greetings to all visitors,
Agi Decor

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring doily

 Today I will show you how I'm usually stretching my all white doilies. After making it, it must be washed in some whitening washing powder and to be taken into the starch melted in a cold water. I used to do it a starch which used to white curtains what helps a doily to keep the final shape for longer.
After such washing  I very delicatel turn it into the towel to dry a little. And finally I take a lot of pins and a towel to be able to stretch a doily on it. I always start from the middle of a doily. All stretching I tried to show on below pictures:

And here you can watch the result of all work:

Thanks for you time! 

Agi Decor